SMSF Lending Perth

Self-managed super fund lending provides a way to increase the value of assets in super and to access certain types of assets, such as property, that you may not otherwise be able to purchase in full. It can also provide for additional tax advantages.

The ability for SMSFs to borrow has been in place since 2007 but not many advisers can say they’ve been advising clients about this strategy since that time. At Everstone we can. SMSF lending is a complex area. Not only do you need to be careful with the type of lending product you use but there are also restrictions on the assets you can purchase with a SMSF loan. Once you understand the ins and outs of the regulations and procedures, SMSF lending products are a very effective way to increase your fund’s flexibility and its purchasing power.

Our SMSF loan advisers will streamline these processes for you. We make the difficult seem easy – and we’re happy to walk (and talk) you through the different SMSF lending products and asset markets available to your self-managed super fund.

At Everstone Group, we can assist you with any or all of the following, and then some:

  • Explaining loan legalities and restrictions
  • Introducing various SMSF lending products
  • Helping you to borrow for residential, commercial and industrial property investments
  • SMSF borrowing procedures
  • Outlaying the potential tax and income advantages of geared rental property investments
  • Explaining the types of assets that can be purchased with borrowed funds
  • Discussing regulations as to duties and taxes
  • Protection and insurance of assets during loan repayment
  • Setting up holding trusts and limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Third party borrowing
  • Utilising limited recourse lending  for transferring of business premises into a SMSF

Our dedicated SMSF services include:

SMSF Advice

SMSF Setup

SMSF Administration

SMSF Lending

SMSF Tax Consulting

SMSF Property Investment

Why choose Everstone?

Our team of licensed SMSF specialists and advisers can help you to make the right asset choices and determine the best lending strategies to consider in growing the wealth of your super fund. We take pride in being Perth’s premier SMSF lending advisers. Our highly experienced SMSF team can guide you through the legislative requirements and make the entire SMSF lending process, from establishment to settlement, as simple as possible.

Everstone is your go-to group for self-managed super fund loan and general superannuation advice. Our expertise and commitment to client-centric service puts Everstone Group head and shoulders above the rest in the Australian market. We take pride in the experience and excellence we can offer. Our goal is to make our expertise your expertise.

Please feel free to contact us on 08 9287 2117 for a free initial consultation either in person or over the phone.