SMSF Property Investment

Do you want to use your SMSF to invest in a property? Do you want to set up an SMSF for this purpose? Depending on your circumstances, this method could provide a great access point for your next property investment.

Who Can Benefit from SMSF Property Investment?


Anyone interested in purchasing a property for investment may find utilising an SMSF to fund the transaction ideal. The property must be purchased as an investment and must not be lived in by any fund member or their relatives before they reach retirement age.

Individual circumstances vary, which is why Everstone Group hold in depth consultations beforehand, helping potential investors to understand their options. A self-managed super fund property investment might not be for everyone, but we can help you decide if it is suitable for you.

Working With You to Set You On the Right Path


Whether buying residential property in SMSF, or using an SMSF for a commercial property purchase, you need the right advice and information every step of the way. This is exactly what we provide, and this begins with the consultation.

  • Help you to decide on whether an SMSF works in your situation, then working with you to start the investment process.
  • Decide on your investment schedule. What are your goals and how quickly do you expect to achieve them?
  • Provide counsel for all tax and legal elements associated with the SMSF investment. Financial management has never been so simple.
  • Discuss your progress and take the steps required to keep you on track. We can’t expect to hit your long-term targets overnight, but we can make demonstrable progress towards them.

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